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Francois & Sunisa Malan

For over two decades, Francois, Sunisa, and their children have been an integral part of the heartwarming community at Protea Valley Church.


Their unwavering commitment to their faith led them on an incredible journey to Laos, a land in South-East Asia where only a mere 5% of the population follows the teachings of Jesus.


Answering God's Call in Laos

Upon arriving in Laos, the Malan family settled in the vibrant capital city, Vientiane. Francois, with his expertise, joined hands with Operation Mobilisation, lending support through essential business training and financial assistance.


Empowering Through Education and Sports

Partnering with the Ezra Centre, established by a Korean family a quarter-century ago, the Malans extended their reach. This dynamic initiative houses a thriving soccer club that attracts young talent from all corners of Laos. Within this collaboration, the family discovered meaningful avenues for mentorship, guiding these young players in faith. Sunisa has been nurturing young minds as she teaches English at the Ezra school, catering to Grades 1 to 4 since 2019.


Bringing Hope and Healing

Beyond their engagement in education and sports, Francois embraced a crucial role as a member of the Board of Directors at 'New Life House.' This non-profit center focuses on rehabilitating those grappling with addiction, offering them a path towards transformation through Christ's grace. With drug addiction gripping remote rural villages in Laos, the Malans' dedication serves as a beacon of hope for communities.


From Water to Dreams: Nurturing Growth

Sunisa, a skilled swimming instructor, followed her passion by coaching the Lao local swimming development team and providing private lessons to students at the International School. Her engagement goes beyond sports, extending to her vital role in translation services for the local church, ensuring all can participate and connect.


Seeds of Nourishment: Growing a Community

The Malan family's love for the community led them to initiate a food garden project on the outskirts of Vientiane city. Collaborating with fellow believers, they set up irrigation systems, planted trees, and cultivated vegetables, providing a sustainable source of nourishment and unity for the community.


Building Dreams Together: 'Sila' School Project

Currently, the Malan family is in the foundational phase of a transformative project named 'Sila.' Their vision is to establish a dynamic school, fostering growth and knowledge. This endeavor aims to create jobs and support a young couple's dream of igniting a vision school.


The Malan family's journey resonates with faith, compassion, and commitment. Their contributions continue to bring light and change to the lives they touch, reflecting the core values of Protea Valley Church and reminding us of the boundless impact a single family can make.

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