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Gibson & Agnes Banda

Gibson and Agnes' journey began when they crossed paths at school, culminating in their marriage in 2006.


In 2008, the pursuit of better employment opportunities led Gibson to Cape Town, away from his family. In an extraordinary turn of events, he found his spiritual home at Protea Valley Church, becoming an integral part of our community and our 'sending church.'


A Dedication to Discipleship: The Role of a Tentmaker

Gibson, a dedicated and spiritually mature Christian, is a "Tentmaker" in contemporary terms. This means that he lives out the Great Commission through his profession, embracing a passion for making disciples and planting churches in the rural villages of Malawi, particularly among primarily Muslim communities.

Embracing a Vision for Transformation

The Malawi Mission in Monkey Bay and Mango-chi is guided by clear objectives:

  • Sharing the Word of God with those who have yet to experience salvation.

  • Extending compassionate service to the lost, the hurting, and the vulnerable in the name of Jesus.

  • Facilitating connections between believers and local churches, creating spiritual homes.

  • Testifying to the enduring impact of Jesus across history and our lives.

  • Advocating for justice on behalf of the oppressed, the poor, and those without a voice.

Empowering Transformation: The Mission in Action

The Banda family's calling centers on Monkey Bay in Malawi, where they disciple the lost and marginalized, encouraging them to align with local churches. Operating within Monkey Bay and the primarily Muslim area of Mango-chi, they strive to create lasting change.

Protea Valley Church's Supportive Role

Protea Valley Church stands beside the Banda family, known as "the tent maker," in numerous ways:

  • Offering strategic business management to the endeavor.

  • Providing assistance in resolving business challenges.

  • Facilitating access to funding and overseeing investments to expand both the business and the mission.

  • Furnishing essential governance and structure, especially during the crucial initial stages.

A Journey of Transformation

When asked about his ministry highlights, Gibson shares his joy in planting churches, nurturing godly leaders, and guiding them in their spiritual journeys. Presently, he mentors 10 leaders, and his recent mission trip to the Maasai Tribe in Tanzania underscores his dedication. There, he trained 47 Maasai Church Planters and Pastors in self-sustainable church planting, a testament to his commitment to fostering lasting change.

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Bank: Investec Bank Limited

Account Number: 1001 164 1831

Branch: Grayston Drive

Branch Code: 580 105

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